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Structural Realism Also known as neorealism, structural realism was introduced as a modern form the classical realism by Kenneth Waltz (2013) in his book Theory of International Politics. Anarchy is still considered by structural realist as the nature of international system. Social realist believed in a deeper anarchy where the absence of order, rules, higher authority above states level created greater insecurities and wider threat perception than anarchy by classical realist. While being unnoticed on other state’s interest, self-rely and independent have become the modern states nature. Modern states believed that the only party that can ensure the state’s national interest is none else than itself.
The biggest difference between classical and structural realism can be seen from how states perceive the nature of power and threat. In classical realism, state’s pursuit for power is
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• Targeted to influence foreign policy of another state’s government.

UK’s state behavior is adopting structural realism, so goes also how it perceived threat. The transnational threat that terrorist spread in the Middle East is in a way perceived as a threat toward the global security. Hence, countries outside the region is getting itself involved in the war. ISIS has fulfilled the requirement to be determined as a threat towards the international security. With structural realism, it is then clear what UK perceive as their threat and how justifiable it is for UK to be involved in the war against ISIS.
Military Intervention
The researcher believed that the kind of military intervention that UK is adopting is the linked to the structural realism theory, which is the military intervention under the international system of multipolarity. A military intervention that do not only involves two states, but more into a global coalition. This is supported fully by structural realist as it go with modern states

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