Examples Of Struggles In The Great Gatsby

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Struggles in a Modern Society

What is modern? That is a question many people don’t know. Modern can be a hip new style of art, or fashion attire, or it can be relating to the present or recent time as opposed to the remote past. No matter what emerges into our complex minds when we hear the word modern, everyone can agree it is what makes our current society. It can be in great technology around the world for air and ground travel or new smart-phones egressing from the mobile phone stores into their pockets. However with all these great new things comes a downfall. There will always be a heavy burden of wanting to be successful and rich, and deciding what is right from wrong when you have that attribute, and of course the depression
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Anyone that can open a history book can see the drastic changes of our society due to financial and technological progressions. In the book, “The Great Gatsby” you can see how just having a large sum of money can influence anyone to be happy. People began to idolize an individual just because of his wealth as shown in this paragraph of the novel, “It was testimony to the romantic speculation he inspired that there were whispers about him from those who had found little that it was necessary to whisper about in this world”(Fitzgerald 44). Gatsby threw wild parties every weekend just for everybody to socialize, embrace each other, and drink. Without money, none of that would be possible and The Great Gatsby would be a mere citizen that nobody gave any special attention to. Some would agree that not everybody needs or wants money to be happy. You can meet a very poor family with wonderful values that still have the same happiness as someone with a mansion, but evidently you need money to afford things that do make you happy. If the world was all rich, nobody would feel left out or lesser than anyone, and that should be real
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