Examples Of Student Ethics In The Digital Age

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Student Ethics in the Digital Age Student ethics in the digital age are on a continuous decline and don’t seem to have a foreseeable change in the future. Students seem to have no grasp on the concept of cheating and the dangers it poses to them. One of the biggest examples of the degeneration of student ethics in the digital age is plagiarism and how the increase in availability of electronics and technology has given immoral students an easier way to cheat and have enticed them to do so more often. The internet has been a helpful tool for many years now, giving teachers and students alike the opportunity to find sources and collaborate with other people who are similarly oriented. However, it has also been a tool to cheat and steal ideas and works from other individuals, and has been exponentially more efficient than taking a trip to the library and finding something related to their topic. In Hongyan Ma’s article “Digital Cheating and Plagiarism in Schools”, she elaborates on this topic and says that the internet has brought many helpful things to improve teaching and learning, but she also states that it has “brought challenges to academic integrity.”(197) What Ma is saying in this section is that access to technology and the internet has brought many opportunities to advance and progress academics in school and at home but have also given the same power to find sources to academically dishonest students that use the internet for corrupt purposes. The internet has
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