Examples Of Substantive Justice

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Justice is very competing term from people to people. There are also some notion of justice which is universally accepted. There is the notion of justice which differs from group to groups and religion to religion. As mentioned above these different notions of justice is categorized as substantive justice which is universally accepted. But how do we ensure that these substantive notions of justice is being implemented? That were procedural justice comes into play. Substantive justice is of no use if it is not being implemented. Procedural justice ensures that justice is being implemented. And who implements this justice, is sovereign. Who has a full control over procedural justice? It is, which can be held accountable for some conflict or injustice…show more content…
As argued above, even in just society structure of society can be unjust and it will keep changing from time to time whenever different issues come up in the limelight. For example, abortion issue or cow slaughter issue between Hindu’s and Muslim’s. How do people is just society deals with such situation when two different group firmly believe in two different views and holds it close to themselves. Skeptics may argue that in just society everyone is already acting according to the just notion. This argument is valid but when as it has been argued above that it justice is something which depends on from situation to situation and circumstances to circumstances. For example, when there is one mango left and there are two people who are hungry, then who should eat the mango? If they both act in accordance to just then both will die because of hunger in the process of asking another person to eat. (assuming that if they don’t eat, they will die). Taking the same situation another way around, what if one person decides to eat without even asking another person about it and other person dies of it. Then his family members may claim that other person killed him and they start demanding for…show more content…
And in just society when two competing notions come against each other then that is more biasedness than it is when the sovereign is there. That biasedness of just society may lead to violence because of human nature to ensure their safety but in another case there will be sovereign who will take care of such incidents and people can rely on them for their
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