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How do you determine or evaluate success? Give an example of one of your successful accomplishments. My idea of success has changed over time. I used to keep the idea of success singularly focused on work, but now I realize how important it is to find success in all aspects of my life. Overall, I rate success by how well I adapt to change. I used to be anxious to fail, not wanting to disapoint at work or home, but now I understand how important it is to fail. From failure, I have learned the best lessons. I have learned what I am capable of—and I am pleased to report that’s a lot. 2. What has been your most rewarding accomplishment? One of my most recent accomplishments was watching one of my own plays come to life on stage in New York City. I have had other plays, before this one, produced and performed as well, but it was this one called Egomania, ironically, that gave me the most reward. It was the first time I was able to sit in the audience and enjoy the life the actor’s breahted into it. I was able to sit back and fully enjy the play. It took a life on it’s own. I was able to remove my own ego from it. This was a great accomplishment.…show more content…
What are your greatest professional strengths? My ability to listen is one of my greatest professional strenghts. By practicing the art of listening, I am then able to communicate effectively. The ability to listen to people has also rewarded me time and time again with great ideas for class lessons or for my writing. It has improved on my overall success because I am able to listen to critiscim with an open mind and learn from it. I am also able to connect with people because I allow myself to empathisize with whom I am speaking with. Professional doors have opened to me becuase people remember the way they felt when they feel they are truly be

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