Examples Of Suicide In Dante's Inferno

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Was Dante suicidal? This seems like a silly question to ask, but it seems to be supported by the very text that he wrote. Suicide is a touchy topic. Suicide is also a very important topic in life and in the Inferno. Dante put them in the Inferno rather than in Purgatorio, he pities the souls that commited suicide, and he gives the souls what they wanted in life and through death. He also is intelligent and thinks a lot about things that are beyond human comprehension which can make a human feel small, helpless, insignificant, and suicidal. All three of these points help to support the idea that Dante had suicidal tendencies and thoughts.
Dante had to make a decision or opinion on what happens to those who kill themselves. He decided that they would go to hell. Violence is a sin and is in hell so it makes sense that violence against oneself or suicide would always make someone end up in hell because they would not have the ability to repent after they are dead and thus would not have the opportunity to go to purgatory and would end up in hell. That is a logical placement. Dante pities some souls in the inferno and not pitying others. He pities the ones that suffer from the same sins that he struggles with. Dante pities the souls of those who committed suicide and became trees, ““Why don’t you keep on questioning,” I said, / “and ask him, for my part, what I would ask / , for I cannot, such pity chokes my heart.”” (Page 70, lines 82-84) Since he is not dead as he walks
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