Examples Of Super Ego In Frankenstein

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People nowadays used to live in a civilized society thus they are called civilians. They get married in order to produce not to have pleasure; such people go under the productivity process or civilization. Moreover, gaining knowledge is also a way to be civilized. Freud did not consider knowledge as one of the things that creates community; he only mentioned love and necessity. From one person to another one can find a huge difference in the character depending on their instincts. They are distinguished by three different aspects; ego- Id- superego. Each one of them represented one character in the novel; knowing that, the emerging group was representing the ego. Throughout analyzing Shelley’s novel which psyche had killed the other, was it the ego or the super ego? Although the ID in Frankenstein’s character was to…show more content…
Second; the ego which generates a balance between what is instinctive and what is moral as it sometimes causes the person suffering. When there is a balance the ego is supposed to offer one pleasure; if not, it brings him/ her suffering. Third, the super ego in which the person resort to perfectionism and morality. Thus, most of the people are trying to be civilized through making relation with the outside world to go under the definition of the superego. Freud has also discussed the measures that prevent someone from being not satisfied. As for Shelley’s Frankenstein, she discusses the story of a clever student who is called Frankenstein; he believes that he must be noticed by many people while creating the monster. He thinks that the ego will bring him happiness not suffering. Through analyzing such novel; the results were the following, the Id was represented by the monster, the super ego by civilization and the ego by
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