Examples Of Supernatural Aid In Beowulf

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The third step in the hero’s journey is supernatural aid. The supernatural aid is a step when the hero meets a helper to aid him or her to endure the future challenges: a helper is either a god or goddess (Campbell 57). All of the heroes: Gilgamesh, Oedipus, and Beowulf receive a supernatural aid during their journeys. Gilgamesh receives an aid by Ninsun and Shamas. Gilgamesh and Enkidu decide to kill Humbaba. Ninsun prays for their safety. She also grants their protection against Humbaba. Shamash sends a wind against Humbaba in which Humbaba’s mobility is restricted. Shamash’s aid gave a chance for Gilgamehs and Enkidu to kill Humbaba. Ninsun is the mother of Gilgamesh, but she is also a goddess and Shamash is the god of sun.
Oedipus visits
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He becomes a new person as he forgets all of his past and his inquiry during his years as the King. He focuses on his present life as he is married to a woman named Iocaste and is a respected king. Beowulf’s fifth stage is very significant because it clearly visualizes the idea of danger and rebirth. During his battle against Grendel’s mother, there is a moment when he almost died. His sword is useless against Grendel’s mother, and there is no way for him to defeat her. Beowulf’ thanes believes he died during the battle because they could not see him as he is fighting beneath the water.
Roads of trials is the sixth stage of the hero’s journey. It is a stage when multiple challenges wait for the hero after he enters the world (Campbell 81). The stage is crucial for heroes because they have to prove their possibility as heroes. Gilgamesh’s roads of trials are when Gilgamesh went on a journey to meet Utnapishtim. The way to meet Utnapishtim was very challenging and life-threatening because he had to go through the mountain that was pitch-black. He also does not know exact location of Utnaphistim’s house. He struggles to convince Siduri and Urshanabi to inform him the
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Campbell named the situation as meeting with the goddess. It is the seventh stage of the hero’s journey. Although the step is titled as meeting with the goddess, the hero does not always have to meet goddess, it could be anyone who help the hero. The meeting with the goddess of Gilgamesh would be meeting with Ninsun and Siduri. Although Siduri is not a goddess, she helped Gilgamesh to find Utnaphistim. “While the references are still rather obscure, it is clear that Siduri enables Gilgamesh to complete the journey” (Maier 25). This proves Siduri’s role as a helper because without her, Gilgamesh would not be able to find Utnaphistim and achieve his goal. Ninsun helps Gilgamesh as a counselor and protector because Gilgamesh speaks his concerns regarding the dreams he has to her, and she protects him during the battle against Humbaba.
Oedipus’s meeting with the goddess is when Oedipus sent Creon to Delphi and conversation with Tiresias. Words from the Oracle are more helpful to Oedipus because it directly gives an answer to why there is a plague in Thebes. Unlike the Oracle, Tiresias implies the truth in the conversation between Oedipus. Tiresias implies the truth that Oedipus is the murderer of Laious, but Oedipus does not realize the truth. Both the Oracle and Tiresias aids Oedipus to search for the murderer and the truth. There is no meeting with the goddess for
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