Superstition Ritual

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Superstitions and Rituals

Superstition. In the real world, it’s as close as one can get to magic, or what others like to call “The World of Harry Potter”.
So what exactly does superstition have to do with magic, or more importantly, what even is this thing called superstition? So although previously being stated that superstition is the closest thing to magic, they start out small and quite reasonable, like a ritual. A ritual is an act performed to calm and prime the body for a certain event or game. Now this is where the magic kicks in; that ritual can then become a superstition when it is believed to be able to affect the general outcome of something, although the two having no relation whatsoever. For example, a superstition would be something like “If i wear this tie everyday from now on, I will win the lottery”. So, how can a random act affect the outcome of an event? Absurd, right? Well, superstitions may not seem as far-fetched as they seem. Many people have good reason to believe in superstition. In fact, many
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Ruhnke. He’s one of the nation’s leading specialists in capital cases, so what makes him such a leader? Ruhnke has his own approach to superstition and it mainly involves avoiding certain things. He believes that black directly correlates to death and mourning, hence he will not write in that color. Because of this, he will instead write and type his emails in blue ink. Ruhnke also uses binders of what he refers to as life colors: blue, green, and white. Just like black, Ruhnke also avoids red. Although Ruhnke admits that superstitious rituals are completely irrational and nonsensical, he has no plans to alter his ways. “In 16 capital trials, he said, he has had only two clients sentenced to death and none executed - an accomplishment in a field where the goal is to save a defendant’s life”(pg. 6, line 75-79). Due to his huge success, Ruhnke believes in his superstitions and will continue to do so as long as he prospers in his
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