Examples Of Survival Strategies In The Hatchet

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The Hatchet is a intense survival story. The main character Brian is trapped in a forest after a bad plane crash. In the story, Brian used three survival strategies to lead him to staying alive in the forest and being able to face any challenges of survival. The strategies used are Trial and Error, Positive Thinking, and Observation. In the next paragraphs I will talk about the three main survival strategies Brian used to survive the forest.
The first survival strategy used by Brian was Trial and Error. One example of trial and error was when Brian was making a fire. He tried and tried to keep the fire going with the birch bark but the fire wouldn't stay lit. Then he remember what his science teacher said about needing oxygen to keep the fire
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Brian would use positive thinking when he felt hopeless and scared. An example is when Brian was attacked by the Porcupine. He pitied himself but remember the time when he was in the dark cave that feeling sorry for yourself didn’t work.
Anotherexample of positive thinking is when Brian remembered the advice from his english teacher, Mr. Perpich. He told his students to positive. The final example of positive thinking is during the plane crash. He made the decision to jump out of the plane into the lake then to jump out of the plane onto land. He did this because thought he would have a better chance at surviving.
The final survival strategy Brian used to survive the forest was observation.Brian used observation many times throughout the book. For example, when he saw the bear eating raspberries, he knew that there was a source of food he could instead of the unripe berries. Another example is when Brian was at the lake fishing. He noticed the turtle eggs in the sand. By using his observation he was able to find more food. The last example of observation is when Brian saw a plane in the sky he would make a fire so that smoke would be seen by the
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