Examples Of Sustainable Architecture

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Sustainable architecture is no longer a trend but it has becoming a need in today’s architecture movement. Sustainable architecture is an approach to minimize the negative impact to the environment by using the design, development space and materiality in the design process. As a development that is located in one of the oldest rainforest in the world, Belum Rainforest Resort has succeeded to achieve as a good example of sustainable architecture and it is the only resort in Malaysia to be ISO certified as the most sustainable resort in Malaysia. The objective of this research paper is to understand how Belum Rainforest Resort achieves its sustainability, focusing on how it select and utilize certain materials to make it a sustainable
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This research paper will be led by this few questions:

• Question 1: what is sustainable building materials and what are these materials suppose to achieve and different from normal building materials?
• Question 2: What is Belum’s design concept and why sustainable building materials are able to help to achieve the design concept?
• Question 3: what are sustainable materials that can be found in Belum Rainforest Resort and why is it suitable to be called as sustainable materials specifically in Belum Rainforest Resort?
• Question 4: What are the problems that can be faced by using sustainable building materials and how to work on the problem?
• Question 5: Why is it important and how to apply sustainable building materials in today’s
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Apart from that, it is also located in the midst of The Royal Belum Rainforest, a home for over 3 000 species of flowering plants, including the biggest flower species known as Rafflesia and numbers of animal species for over 130 million years. As the home of numbers of species, this 300 000 hectares of land is obviously a paradise to the nature world, and yet it is still kept undisturbed by mankind, make The Royal Belum Rainforest able to offer nature at its purest. Aware of the importance of its location, EMKAY group, the owner of Belum Rainforest Resort always put sustainability above everything else in their development. As the resort that is known as the most sustainable resort and certified by ISO, Belum Rainforest Resort seems to succeed its goal. Besides to be the most sustainable resort, Tuan Haji Ahmad Khalif bin Tan Sri Datuk Haji Mustapha Kamal, chief excecutive officer of EMKAY group said that their purpose is to educate public and bringing the awareness of how fragile our nature is and how crucial it is to protect it. He even stated that his company is willing to run some talks to bring up this sustainable awareness to
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