Personal Essay: An Introduction To The Sustainable Tourism Industry

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Good morning Miss McKay and fellow classmates. First of all, I want to invite you to imagine the experience of a tourist arriving from the UK. She is an environmentally aware professional, who is looking for a unique experience in a country she believes to be truly 100% pure. She places a high value on learning about new environments and people and is prepared to spend her substantial salary on a quality experience. She has been struck by the beauty of the natural environment she sees on advertisements and responds enthusiastically to the 100% pure advertising. She already feels guilty about the high carbon emissions associated with her long flight here — but she has come for a professional conference and decided to stay another two weeks on holiday to make the most of the…show more content…
First of all one of the ways sustainable can be introduced to tourism is within the resorts, hotels and restaurants. During a trip for our tourism marketing class, the lecturer took us to the experience two types of resorts and see how they practiced sustainability. The first resort was at Black Rock Lodge. Here they practiced sustainability a whole lot. Most of the food in the restaurant is organic and is grown on the small garden they have at the back of the resort. They also grew animals like sheep, chicken and pigs to cater the restaurant. Since the resort is far from the rest of civilization, vegetables and meats had to be grown on grounds. Another way they practiced sustainability was with the water and electricity. The sewer water went through a purification system and returned to the mountains as clean water. It is here were the resort manager educated their guests not to flush toilet paper and plastics down through the pipe. Also they did not have air condition in the cabañas but instead fans and since the resort was within the forest area the temperature felt cool at

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