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People aren’t seen at stores counting off pennies to buy their groceries or a present for a friend very often are they? This is because pennies are just a waste of our time and space. Despite many people’s thoughts on this debate it has been going on for a couple years and we still haven’t came to a conclusion to this. The manufacture of pennies should be discontinued from the United States currency. First, over 700 million dollars is being lost per year just because of the time wasted counting pennies! Imagine you want to buy a nice TV that costs a thousand dollars and you’ve been saving up pennies for awhile now and you think you have enough. You get to the checkout aisle and you sit there for 30 minutes counting all your pennies making a bunch of people angry because they have to wait in line behind you while you count them all. You could get out of that store way faster if you counted nickels or quarters instead of all those pennies. Also, according to…show more content…
They think that having to round up in prices will cost the U.S 600 million dollars a year (Source 2). But we have also found out that all that time wasted counting pennies over a year will cause us to lose 700 million. Which means that staying with the penny will cause us to lose an extra 100 million. While we would gain 100 million plus the cost of making the penny (Over 60 million) in revenue. If we stopped making pennies it would benefit the U.S greatly. We would gain millions and millions of dollars which can do amazing thing for the U.S and it’s people. It would save the hassle of counting pennies all the time and we would still have them, so we would still have the memories of this historical piece of currency. The penny has been with U.S through thick and thin, and it still will be. Lately though, the penny has been an anchor for the U.S. It’s time to stop wasting time and start heading towards the
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