Organizational Sustainability Task Shifting Model

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Based on the above observations, analysis, and discussions on various studies and systematic reviews on Task shifting model, we propose following suggestions while using Task shifting as an alternative survival strategy or health organizations which suffer due to a shortage of professionally qualified medical doctors to treat chronic and long intervention related diseases in their organizations.
(1) Strategy for Patient cure & Satisfaction :
With the concept of something is better than nothing, patients should get at least minimum care even if there is an acute shortage of qualified physicians, the alternative survival strategy of task shifting is suggested as an optimum solution to the problem.
(2) Strategy of organizational sustainability
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This strategy is also called black ocean strategy because here the survival is more important through timely medication that following systematic legal framework.
(9) Acceptance of this strategy through educating & counselling the patients :
The important factor which decides the success of task shifting as an alternative strategy for healthcare organizations is obtaining the consent from patients and their relatives/caretakers. The strategy is risky for both Acceptors and the healthcare organizations if any unacceptable outcome results like morbidity or mortality of patients. Thus adopting a proper method for counselling the patients and their relatives to educate them about scarcity and alternatives is essential and is the responsibility of the healthcare organizations.
(10) Importance to ignored pre- and para-medical professionals :
The model of task shifting in health care industry during turbulence time gives importance to alternative experts like pre- and para-medical professionals who have basic knowledge on health sciences can take part in patient care with little additional focused
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In previous studies it is also suggested that adequate education, training, and support should be imparted to optimize the effectiveness of task shifting so that the model of task shifting can be a successful alternative for the shortage of healthcare professionals by providing quality health services at minimal cost to satisfy all the stakeholders of the healthcare system in the society

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