The Importance Of Teaching Metaphors

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Teaching Metaphor


A metaphor is defined as, ‘a way of speaking in which one thing is expressed in terms of another, whereby this bringing together throws new light on the character of what is described’ (Gorden 1978 as cited in Gassner 1999).

The metaphor can be found as an effective tool in the Bible, ancient mythology, and children’s fairy tales. It is often used ‘to inspire, to make sophisticated theory more understandable, and to develop skill acquisition’ (Gorden,1978, as cited in Gassner,1999). According to Thornbury (1991), teacher professionals depend and sometimes rely on using a metaphor to help put their experience into words. ‘Metaphors help them to see what is visible; to describe what otherwise would be indescribable’
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Lenses need to be changed to get the best shot and similar to teachers they have to adapt to an ever changing environment. For example in PE, if you plan to do an orienteering class outdoors and the weather is not appropriate, then you must be able to adapt and change your lesson to an indoors class.

Before a shoot what the clients want must be discussed and planned for as is the case in planning lesson objectives to meet the needs of students in a particular class especially in PE where you might have students injured or students with no gear, you must plan to include everyone.

A photographer has many tools available to her to capture the picture she wants, different lenses, light filters, tripods which can be compared to the tools available to teachers to help them present their lessons in the most effective way. With proper planning, knowledge of her environment and tools available the photographer can produce a stunning
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I hope to encompass these values in my future career and continue to grow as a teacher.


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