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Teen Activism Teen Activism is teens helping the world out in some sort of way. Or they could help someone, or something somehow. Like Alex Lin, Faye Carey, Lou Wegner, Malala, Iqbal, and other people out there helping the world become a better place. Teen Activists get support from someone or many people. Teen Activism is just teens doing some sort of good deed for the world or somebody or people in some sort of way, like helping e-waste go away, or helping animals, not being abandoned, or beaten. There are many ways to be a teen activist, one way is helping to stop animal abandonment, and cruelty. Another way is to stop e-waste like Alex Lin. Or you could try to make a right for girls to be able to go to school, and get an education,…show more content…
7 of those are his. He said that he loves rescuing animals, but he doesn’t because they are abandoned, and they have gotten beaten up. All the money he finds in his pocket, or laying around, he puts it in his dog bank, and gives all the money to somebody who needs it most. He wants to continue acting, but he also wants to continue with the Humane Societies. Lou’s dad is beside Lou, to help, and support Lou all the way, and his dad also helps posting the animals online. Kids all around follow Lou Wegner. He is passionate about rescuing dogs because they are lovely creatures, and he feels bad for them, you see them in the cages and they only have like a couple hours left and he helps them because he wouldn’t want to be in that position. Lou realized that at a young age that animals need love and need to be taken care of. As he got older he started to see the abuse of animals it breaks his heart and he feels bad for them. He found out that he could really boost awareness with the social network. He finds dogs at the shelter and the animal shelter lets the dog live for a while longer once they see the pictures online. Every other Saturday he goes and visits shelters and posts pictures of them on his facebook page. The shelter brings dogs to the park so they can get adopted, and even if they don’t get adopted they get a chance to run around, and be free. He is making the world a better place

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