Television Persuasive Essay

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Topic: Television news is subversive.
Journalisms first commitment is to the truth and this principle serves as the focal point of the standards to which all news is held. Yet the reality of what is being broadcast is very different. As corruption and extortion runs rampant through society, the majority remains idle, unable to counter balance the exponential growth and entanglement of the corporate and political world. Their dealings remain in the shadows while the peoples most informative and subversive powers slowly defect. Without a tool to question the validity of the current social systems, how can any society truly thrive? Given that most media, specifically news television, has become increasingly financially driven and involved with the very topics they are meant to investigate, maybe it’s time to put their motives under the microscope?
Television news has become oppressive propaganda that is guilty of driving corporate
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Free from the political and corporate forged manacles, the media could fulfill its purpose of capacitating the individual and putting the power back in the hands of the common man. Already there are several places where people from all walks of life can access reliable and relevant information in a way that is both entertaining and stimulating. The Colbert Report and The Daily Show are both examples of innovative ways to broadcast information, while serves as one of many online and independent examples. The controversy of this lies in the fact that the very people who are meant to be investigated are the ones deciding on what should and shouldn’t be made public. According to them, a pretty profit is more important than a well informed and educated public. Maybe it’s high time for an upheaval, for a

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