Examples Of Tenacity In Life

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There are many ways to describe a person. They can be mean, frustrating, or happy, and enthusiastic. And every single person is made up of thousands of different characteristics. I am many things, but I am also few things. One thing that I am is tenacity. According to google on the line search dictionary tenacity means the quality or fact of being determined; determination. Tenacity is not just determination, it is also hard work and effort. Throughout my life I have demonstrated tenacity in a variety of ways. Whether it was trying hard on a Spanish exam or carrying a boat for 2 kilometers I always try to do my best until I cannot do anything else.
In the summer I take part in a camp called Keewaydin located in Canada. Keewaydin is a canoe
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It is a song that talks about a trip that has many hard obstacles. As we reached the end of the trip we knew that the summer was almost over and we had not even done the hardest thing yet. We were paddling down a lake with a bit of a head wind. This lake was very populated which surprised many of us. We knew that we were getting closer to the end. The song tells about a 1 k portage, a 4k portage, and the devils portage. That night on the very populated lake the whole section knew that we were going to have a very long trip the next day. And no one wanted to be in the camper boat. On our section we had 2 camper boats. A camper boat is a boat with a camper in the bow and the stern. A staff boat is a boat with a camper in the boat and a staff in the stern. It is good to be in a staff boat because the stern, who is the staff, always carries the boat. When you are in the camper boat, the stern man and the bow man both carry the boat for portages. The night before the portages all of us were trying to figure out who was going to be in the camper boat. The next day the staff told all of us that Sadie and Jewel, and Eugine and myself. I was not excited. I knew that it was going to be a very long day. And I would have to work as hard as I could to make it through. After we woke up early and received our boat assignments we started packing up, and then left early. We had about an hour paddle until we reached the first portage. The first one was a one kilometer. The only problem was we had to cross a highway. The highway was the first road we had seen in 21 days. Eugenie and I decided that I should start with the boat and if I needed help she would switch with me. About three-fourths of the way through we switched and she finished the first portage of the day off. The next portage was the most daunting of all, the four kilometer portage. As we approached the unloading area we noticed that someone was already there.
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