Examples Of Tension In The Movie Divergent

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The conflict in Divergent has multiple types of tension but the most common one is the competition between characters, which helps make the movie dramatic. Beatrice finds out that a certain amount of people with the lowest ranking score gets eliminated, the score increases by competing against other characters, for example winning fights against each other. This is dramatic for the viewers because we are rooting for Beatrice to win although it is highly unlikely due to her being stuck in second last place, creating an atmosphere full of drama and tension. Neil Burger did a good job on using the conflict to encourage the viewer to keep watching by adding in plot twists and constantly kept the viewers asking questions, about Beatrice or simply just…show more content…
When something unexpected occurs in any movie it affects the suspense by giving the viewer awareness of a certain threat that multiple characters do not know about, which in this case was everyone except Beatrice, Four and the people behind this plan. Neil Burger uses foreshadowing to indicate that an important future event is going to take place. This is suspenseful because it gets the audience interested in the conflict or complication that is being hinted and encourages them to pay close attention. One of the foreshadowing events in Divergent would be when Beatrice 's mother Natalie shows up secretly at Dauntless to tell Beatrice she is in danger. Natalie asks for her test results and when Beatrice admits she is divergent her mother tells her that Dauntless and many other groups are hunting Divergents down. This is an example of suspense because it leafs to the main conflict in the movie. Her mother is trying to warn Beatrice and the audience that something important is going to take place soon. Neil Burger did this to entertain us and get the viewers paying close attention to the hints. Symbolism is important to keeping a movie suspenseful because it’s all about representing the characters in all different types of
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