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People are the cookies in life. This means people look nice and sweet but not always are. I am thankful for Norman, parents and friends I am thankful for Norman because we have been best friends for at least 7 or 8 years and we have done a lot of stuff together and helped each other out when we needed it. One example, is back in middle school we would help each other with homework and with little stuff like that. Additionally, if he needed help with anything I would help with it and vise versa. Lastly, the way I met him was when he moved on my block, and my best friend Eric at the time, we were hanging out and he basically introduced me to him. To sum this up, we have done a lot and helped each other when we needed it and wouldn 't be friends…show more content…
They get me through life and help me with stuff that I needed help or take care of me when I get sick and hurt. First of all, Parents will help me with anything from appointments or help me prepare for when I move out and will teach me anything that they can help with. Secondly, my dad helps me learn about cars, and just about anything else that has to do with cars. he gets a new car I help him fix them. And I help him with stuff like his phone and stuff around the house. Finally, my mom helps me with cooking and chores and teaches me how to do things that I would have to do later in life and how to do them. She helped me do my taxes last year, showed me how to cook so that I don 't have to go out all the time or just make ramen noodles all the time. In summary, my parents will support me until I move out the house so enjoy it as long as can because they will help through it till will have to do everything on your own. Anything that want help can go to them for the most of it. In addition, I am thankful for friends. I am thankful for friends because they will help with a lot of stuff they support and without friends in life than couldn 't show the real or really know anything because social interaction is good and not to talk to anyone is not the best thing to make some
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