Examples Of The American Dream In Death Of A Salesman

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"Death of a Salesman" is a play written in 1949. The main theme of this play is the American Dream. But there is an irony in this play that completely contradicts the American Dream. Willy is a salesman who worked hard for 40 years for the same company and he is still at the bottom of the business world. His boss, Howard just inherited the company from his father and became the boss of the company without making much effort. This is a contradiction to the American dream. Willy had been left behind by his father who died when he was young. Then he was abandoned by his brother who went to South Africa. He fears to be abandoned once again, this time by his boys. This make him His dream is to be well-liked and be able to sell products even when he will be old. When he was young, he met a salesman called Dave Singleman and really admired this salesman who was successful and liked. This completely changed his life. From that moment, he thinks that being a salesman is the career that a man could have.…show more content…
He lost this dreams that he was chasing in high school. At the start of the play, Willy and Biff’s relationship is not very good because Willy cannot accept Biff to be soeone working in a farm; he wants him to be in the business world. For Willy, being successful is the most important thing in a man’s life and Willy thinks that money can show if a man is successful or not. But Biff just want to work in a farm and be with those animals everyday, and he is really pleased when he is doing that, Biff thinks that in a man’s life, happiness is more important than money. Willy and Biff fight against each other because they don’t understand each other. But they love each other deep in their
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