Examples Of The Archetypal Hero In Beowulf

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What makes a person a hero? What defines a person as an outcast? The novel Beowulf is filled with both action packed heros and vengeful outcast. The definition of a hero is a person admired for bravery, great achievements, or good qualities (citation). An outcast is the exact opposite; it is a person who is not accepted or has no place in society nor a particular group (citation).The heros in Beowulf fight to the death for their people and have great pride in their beliefs. The outcast on the other hand want to ruin the hero 's lives and have a great amount of hatred for them. The main archetypal hero in Beowulf is Beowulf himself. Beowulf is the definition of a hero.
Beowulf had plenty of successful accomplishments. He had defeated the monstrous Grendel which would typically be not so easy to do, but it was for him. Grendel was out to destroy the Danes. Beowulf had put together a well thought-out plan and waited for him to step into Heorot before he attacked him. He was also going in without any weapons in order to make the fight fair since Grendel would not have any. As Grendel first stepped into the Heorot he had tore a man to shreds. Beowulf swiftly stepped in and started to fight with Grendel. After entering in an arm-lock battle, Beowulf used his incredible strength to rip Grendel’s entire arm off and then Grendel retreated to his swamp to die. This incidence is an example of the archetypal hero’s invincibility and almost inhuman strength.
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