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The pursuit of happiness was something I never gave much thought to until it was brought up this year. Reflecting back over this past school year I can honestly say that I not only learned more about what the pursuit of happiness is as a whole, but also how it applies in my personal life. I think it is fair to say that different things make us humans happy. Just a small example, it may make you very happy when your favorite sports team wins, and for someone else they could care less. It may make you very happy if it is sunny and 75 outside, but to some people that isn’t something that makes them happy. Those are just small examples of things that can make someone happy. I think the pursuit of happiness is something way deeper than that, and that is what I came to realize over the course of this year. To me, happiness doesn’t come from the amount of money you have or how successful you are, but rather it comes from the relationships you build here on Earth. The American Literature we explored throughout the school year, make that clear to me.
The Great Gatsby, written by Scott Fitzgerald,
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Of Mice and Men is a fascinating story about friendship. Lennie and George had gone through thick and thin together on their pursuit of happiness, and to see what they went through together shows how true their friendship was. “In a panic, Lennie looked at George for help” (page 57). Life isn’t always easy, but it makes it easier when you have someone to lean on along the way. We were made to have connections with people. As humans, we all have a common goal to be happy so why not all be happy together. Afterall, we don’t have forever. “Then gradually time awakened again and moved on” (page 132). The pursuit of happiness will look differently for everyone, and although we will struggle and have problems along the way I think it is important to seek happiness in every way possible. As Steinbeck said, time moves on, so make everyday
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