Examples Of The Hate U Give By Angie Thomas

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Fiction is needed to develop other forms of thinking and to expand creativity. Fiction novels could help students view things from different perspectives. It may help us in a similar situation from the book for example,in the book “The hate u give “ by Angie Thomas there is a situation with police brutality and the way he handled it can inspire others to do the same or we could see where it went wrong and not do that. A young African American male is shot and killed by a white policeman. Garden Heights residents come together in the face of unspeakable tragedy which reflects the strong sense of community felt by those who live in Garden Heights. The school board needs to reconsider removing fiction because we’ve learned that we need to come together in our communities to speak up for what we believe in.
We need to all have come together in our community no matter how tragic the situation is. Towards the end of the book Starr and her friends work together to rebuild Mavericks store. Thomas wrote that to reflect the strong strength of the community. This is another example of fiction inspiring us to come together as one. Also Maverick is really determined to help DeVante get out of the gang system, because …show more content…

Starr struggles with feeling belonged. At school she’s scared that her peers might think she’s ghetto because she’s black and how her family might think she white washed. People at some point in their lives feel out of place or lost. Starr starts learning how to embrace herself and starts being herself around her friends. Because of the struggle Starr didn’t have a chance to be herself in any situation. Sometimes things happen and you need to be sympathetic. Your personality might be very goofy and fun but you won’t be acting like that at a funeral. The way Starr Learns how to be accept herself and be herself could help other people that also feeling the struggle of not

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