Examples Of The Hero's Journey In The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Translated by Robert Fitzgerald might not be such a great example of the hero 's journey after all. Although the main character Odysseus, gives a clear example of many stages in the hero 's journey, he falls short on explaining a few key details about the hero 's journey. Is Odysseus still one of the best examples of a hero 's journey? Henry from Wandmaker by Ed Masessa is also an excellent example of the Hero 's Journey and might be an even better example than the Odysseus. Henry is from a world of magic and fantasy with real-world aspects, Odysseus is from an old Greek mythology epic with gods and goddesses. Who better explains the hero 's journey archetype? The Odyssey isn 't the best illustration of 12 Stages of the Hero 's Journey by Joseph Campbell, Henry from Wandmaker does a better job at demonstrating the steps of the hero 's journey than Odysseus because, Henry refuses the call and Odysseus doesn’t, Henry’s hero’s journey is more clear and easier to understand than Odysseus’s, and Henry’s journey is more thrilling and prolonged to really gives his hero 's journey more depth and makes it untroublesome to understand.

When Odysseus was going back home for Trojan War, which lasted for 10 years. Odysseus wanted to go home but couldn’t since the gods wanted Odysseus to never return home because he was the one accountable for the fall of Troy, it took him a very long time to return home. Odysseus never refused to not start his journey home. Instead, he was
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