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Values and Ethics The NASW (2010) and the Texas Department of State Health Services provide a foundation on how social workers interacts with clients, colleagues, practice setting, and their environment. This code of ethics and Code of Conduct provide to the social workers with ethical responsibilities and values in practice setting. By analyzing this ethical responsibilities and values in practice setting it is easy to identify the ethical responsibilities I am currently using. The Texas Department of State Health Services [TDSHS] has a Code of Conducts for social workers that provides a standards of behaviors need to follow as to stay professional and avoid damaging clients’ lives and self. For example, The NASW (2010) describes an ethical principle to practice setting in which 3.07 Administration is describes has advocating for adequate services for clients to …show more content…

Advocating for services for the youth has been a priority since the beginning of my internship. Finding services outside the Panhandle Promise Project by contacting other agencies and services to meet our clients’ needs. Working in the program also exposed me to a new type of population, the children with incarcerated parents. It also provided me with new knowledge about their specific needs and the services that could benefit help a child become a value member in society, but during this time it became evident to me that my lack of knowledge about the effects of incarceration of the parents could have in a child. The Code of Conduct and the NASW Code of Ethics influence the social work profession as well as my own personal values. Because being a social worker is promoting the well-being of clients, excluding personal ideologies and biases. Clients will always come first in the

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