Examples Of The Physical Environment In Joseph Conrad

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The physical environment in Europe and the Congo
The character Marlow describes how England was once “one of the dark places of the earth” (Conrad, 1899:5) he then imagines how the Romans came up the Thames and how these man “were men enough to face the darkness” (Conrad, 1899:6) Conrad creates a pathway for the reader to follow, from the beginning of civilization to the headwaters of humankind. The darkness of the physical environment can be said to be a combination of greed, climate and the demoralizing effect of the limited life that brought out the worst in people. According to Conrad the white people were taking something precious from the land, he further emphasizes that they were practically stealing the ivory from the natives, whom they were treating like slaves.

The two rivers
The Congo River is the largest river in the Western Central Africa. The Congo River forms in a country that was known as the Congo Free State now named the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), (Turcky, J.H. & Smith, 1818:2). The River plays an important and vital role in the novella. In Conrad’s view, the river acts as a limiting factor, keeping Marlow separated from the natives and the evil ways of Kurtz. The River not only allows Marlow to see both sides of the continent but enables him to see both sides of the situation. The River symbolizes the invisible cord that connects the good colonies with the evil interior.
Marlow associates the River with a coiled snake “resembling an immense
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