Examples Of The Pursuit Of Happiness In The Great Gatsby

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Throughout the year I learned many things,one that stood out prominently was the pursuit of happiness. I learned that the pursuit of happiness is a difficult and dangerous path to achieve because of all the struggles to get even there. In many ways, you are not guaranteed the happiness you so wanted, no matter what path you take. One example that shows such hardships for the pursuit of happiness is The Great Gatsby. In The Great Gatsby,Gatsby did all he could just to be together with Daisy. Gatsby’s dream was to be together with her and rose up the ranks of at first just being a poor soldier to being a rich business partner. Gatsby knew from the beginning that he could never be with Daisy since he was poor and Daisy was a first-class lady. Gatsby didn’t let that stop him from trying to achieve such happiness. He worked for five years to get the ample-sized house he so wanted that was practically…show more content…
In the story Abigail loved John Proctor and wanted to be with him at all cost. She tried and tried many ways to pursue and failed. John Proctor wanted nothing to do with her because he felt guilty having been with Abigail in the first place while married. Abigail would not stop and became a victim that lied condemning lots of people of witchcraft. One of them was John Proctor’s wife, Goody Proctor. Abigail was attempting to kill off his wife so she could be with John Proctor. This led John to take action and told everyone in the courtroom that he committed adultery with Abigail. More and more trouble surfaced that in the end John took the blame and was hanged. His wife did not try to stop him from being hanged since it was what he believed in. Goody Proctor in the end she said,”He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him!”(147). Abigail did not want this ending, she only was pursuing happiness but in the end it killed the one person she dearly wanted
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