Thermoregulation In Human

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3.2 Emotional Specify and Thermoregulation in Human
Most of people undergoes the condition states where the hairs stand on end or having piloerection when in fear. Fear is a feeling of an emotion that perceived by danger and also hazard that causing the change in a brain and organ function plus behaviour. [NILES]. The man tend to be aggressive as they had to be threatened. This situation, may contribute the man in preparing to fight rather than to flee or freeze. An aggressive act is shown in the right order of fight response. [HURON]. Some will develop behaviour due to the fear such as the hair stand on end.
Next, in a cold weather, the piloerection may occur too. The body start to tremble and triggering the skin to constrict and hair follicles
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[TORTORA]. The nerve impulses is sent by the thermoreceptors in the skin and also from the hypothalamus to the preoptic area, the heat – promoting centre in the hypothalamus and to the hypothalamic neurosecretory cells that produce the thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH). [TORTORA]. Next, the TRH is secreted and stimulated the thyrotrophs in the anterior pituitary gland. This process will release the thyroid stimulating hormone. [TORTORA]. The release of epinephrine and norepinephrine into the blood by the stimulation of the adrenal medulla. This is the mechanisms from the nerve impulse in the sympathetic nerves. The cellular metabolism is surged when the hormone in turn is bring back and increase the heat production. [TORTORA].

A good thermoregulation response in cold environment is makes the hair stand on end. [HURON]. This will help in insulating the body from cold. Piloerection is produced by the aggression when the neural wiring is added. [HURON]. So, the present of chills will come together with the piloerection.

3.3 Artificial Control of
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The hair able to stand on end in the chilly chair due to the transmission out the electrostatic force from the armrest and also from the backrest. The quality of the entertainment depends on the quantity of emotional being aroused. [FUKUSHIMA]. The people often seeks for more intense of fearful emotion, so, the chilly chair one of the device that can be used. This kind of chair can be used in the home theatre too. Commonly, the piloerection occur due to the cold atmospheres, however, the chilly chair causing the emotional feeling through the electrostatic force that is artificially produced. [FUKUHASHIMA].

3.4 Disease that Relates with The Symptoms of Piloerection
There are a few types of disease that develop the symptoms of piloerection. This may be due to the brain dysfunction. The piloerection is related with autonomic nervous system. It is a part of the sympathetic nervous system. The increasing in heart rate, constrict blood vessels and raise blood pressure are the example for the parasysmpathetic nervous
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