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A Time in “The Crucible”
Everyone is being accused. The Salem Witch Trials took place in 1692, in Salem Massachusetts. A frightening time for most, who will be accused of witchcraft. I feared for my life, having trepidation, hoping not to be accused. I must debate why the trials started, why I am being accused and what choice I will make. There were many things that occured during the trials, but it was the struggles and difficult choices to be made during the trials that hit the hardest.
The witch trials commenced after Abigail was caught dancing in the woods by her uncle with a group of friends (Parris: “And what shall I say to them? That my daughter and niece I discovered dancing like heathen in the forest?” “The Crucible” 60-62). Tituba was seen waving her hands around casting a spell.
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I do not believe Abigail and her possessed group have any true evidence to back up these accusations. I have come to the realization she is charging me because I do not believe her. We had been friends since we were young, but lately she has changed. She has been bossy and controlling, ever since she went to work for the Proctors. A friend of mine named Mary Warren works in the courts ( Mary Warren: “My insides are all shuddery; I am in the proceedings all day, sir.” 192-194). She had come to tell me that Abigail is accusing me the next day court is in session. Now I have to make the big decision of how my life will turn out.
I am choosing to confess and accuse. I do not want to accuse anyone who has not been accused already and bring new names to the table. I will only admit to seeing people with the devil who have been recently accused. I will also confess to get out of hanging because I do not mind if my name is blackened. I am immaculate to using witchcraft, God knows it and so do I, that is all that matters. I would not choose to hang because I have a family that would miss me and needs
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