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“I do my best to love everyone” are the wise words from Atticus Finch, one of literature’s most beloved upstanders. In Harper Lee’s famous novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, set in the 1930s in a small town in Alabama, there was a lot of racism. Atticus Finch was a white lawyer who stepped up and defended a black in a time when a black man would not get a fair trial based on the color of his skin. In the segregated South, it was commonplace for blacks not to receive justice in the legal system, and this fact was not only accepted but encouraged in society. It was clear that a fair trial was only for those with fair skin. As a result, Tom Robinson faced tremendous injustice, mainly because of Bob Ewell’s false accusations, but also because of the deep-seated racism of the town.…show more content…
He went as far as to accuse Tom Robinson of raping his daughter, which was certainly not true. Tom Robinson was just an innocent black man, and Bob Ewell had to make up a lie about him because he was that racist. Everyone in Maycomb County was racist, except for the Finch's, because they were well-educated. Bob Ewell even went as far as to spit right in Atticus’s face after Atticus and Tom Robinson lost the case. Bob Ewell was so racist that he said, “I seen that black n-word yonder ruttin on my Mayella!” In this sentence, he was talking about Tom Robinson, an innocent black man that Bob accused of raping his daughter. Many court cases were not honest back then because those who were black and attended a court case usually lost regardless of the

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