Examples Of Totalitarianism In Animal Farm

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One dominant theme in animal farm is totalitarianism and abuse of power. Totalitarianism is defined as a political system in which the state possesses complete authority over the society and controls all aspects of public and private life whenever necessary. The author criticized totalitarianism and believed that it was inevitable in a communist system, as those put in charge will result in the abuse of their power. The theme Orwell intended to get across was that all totalitarian regimes are the same and those who hold power will do anything to maintain it. The pigs, who were the leaders, frequently displayed this throughout the novel. One example was when tension arose between Napoleon and Snowball shortly after he came up with the idea of the windmill. Napoleon became envious of Snowballs gain in popularity and ended up executing him from the farm. Another theme played in the novel is revolution and corruption. Animal Farm depicts a revolution in progress. Old Major gives the animals a new perspective on their situation under Mr. Jones, which leads them to envision a better future free of human…show more content…
Boxer was forgotten except by the few who knew him.”(Orwell, 142) Orwell presents a sad tone as he mentions that many animals, including Mr. Jones have died, and the memories of Snowball, Boxer, and the dreams of Old Major have been forgotten. Orwell also uses a threatening tone on how the dogs and pigs seem to be very powerful and all the animal farms are running away in fear. The tone of novel changes from the beginning to the end. In the beginning of the novel during the rebellion, the mood is very optimistic and ambitious. The animals have been given the idea of a free life, and their future seems bright. “Beast of England, Beasts of Ireland, Beasts of every…” (Orwell, 21) Through this quote, Orwell presented a mood of optimism as he shows hope and describes a free life for the
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