Examples Of Totalitarianism In The Giver

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The Giver focuses on the philosophical issues that arise from a misinterpretation of a Utopia enforced on a community that is in a state of induced ignorance. Is totalitarianism the key to creating a Utopia? The stimulus questions notions of justice, individuality and preoccupation with conformity within a totalitarian dystopia. It forces us to examine the possibility of a Utopia and the possible sacrifices involved in such a perfect city. Arguably, conformity and removal of liberty transforms a possible Utopia into a dystopia many of us fear. Whether a Utopia can exist under a different rule is subject to evidence that does not exist therefore it is only possible to exemplify the failure the totalitarian rule brought upon the community of The Giver. Is a totalitarian rule the key to utopian success? Totalitarianism is not the key to a Utopia not simply because it is an unjustifiable method but mainly due to the improbability of a Utopia that works in accordance to human nature.

By eliminating as much personal variation in favor of sameness and predictability, the community of The Giver has rejected the utopian societal possibilities where people are free to progress society. The result is a dystopia of conformity. The totalitarianism, that governs the city, restricts each person 's choice of clothing, job, spouse, and children and results from the fear of making wrong choices. A key aspect of their society 's decision to establish Sameness rather than expose people to the
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