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Tourism translation is a translation for tourism activities, tourism specialties and industries. With the development of China 's tourism industry, people has been paid more and more attentions on tourism translation. There are three methods of tourist translation--- increasing , deleting and reforming. That is, adding something that the Chinese might know but foreigners might not know. Such as the age of historical events, the generation of the birth and death of famous people, their identities and their contribution to history, the specific location of places of interest, the exact meaning of transliteration names, place names, object names, official names, etc. Deleting all kinds of historical textual criticism , celebrities or Chinese ancient poems. Rewrite some concepts that are unique to China and not easily understood by foreigners, such as the Chinese chronology, the Chinese system of measurement and measurement, and so on. Since the reform and opening up, our government has promulgated a series of policies aimed at promoting the development of tourism. Tourism has become one of the fastest developing industries in our national economy and has obvious international competitive advantage. This article, as an example of tourism introduction in Jiuzhaigou, analyzes the characteristics of the introduction of Chinese and English tourism texts, the strategies and techniques of tourism translation.
Chapter Ⅱ Features of Chinese and English Tourism introductions
2.1 Features

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