Examples Of Tragic Flaws In Antigone

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If each inhabitant of this universe examines themselves, we would find flaws. In literature, we are often presented with characters possessing one or more tragic flaws that lead to their demise, and in this situation, it's Antigone, a play written by Sophocles. This colossal play exhibits much more than just characters and words. The flaws conveyed in Antigone's main characters do not only manifest different types of imperfections throughout the play, but how they take place, affect everything and everybody, and maneuver the course of the story as it is developed. King Creon and Antigone, the antagonist and protagonists in this play, exhibit such character flaws such as hubris, bravery, ignorance, etc. Flaws can take over a character and immensely…show more content…
Antigone wants a proper burial for her deceased brother, Polyneices, but is prohibited to bury him due to a new decree established by her uncle, also known as King Creon. The late king Oedipus, who was Antigone's father, also had another son, named Eurydice. Antigone, being the defining and strong woman she is, does not care and possesses an indifferent attitude towards rules that go against what she believes is fair and just, in which burying her brother is no exception. With an indifferent attitude, she zealously accepted the punishment to be hers as she confessed to entombing Polyneices, and stated that Creon's edict had no effect on her to follow, since the "unwritten immortal laws of the gods" were the only significant ones to her. The streak of defiance in Antigone can be interpereted as both a blessing and a curse to her character's being, hence, without it, she would not have buried Polyneices. Antigone is confused because Creon is not understanding why she buried Polyneices and is defying the law. Confusion is also another flaw of hers that contributes to the water of Antigone's swiftly moving boat. One of Antigone's most attractive attributes is her intrepidity. Antigone's bravery shined through when she accepted all odds and ends of the final moments of her life which included her punishment. Indifference and defiance go hand in hand, for she did not care what came of her future and bravely rebelled against the greek kingdom whilst respecting the gods; how
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