Examples Of Tragic Flaws In Hamlet

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Hamlet’s Tragic Flaw

A tragedy is supposed to arouse the emotions of the audience in a way that makes them feel hopeful. The hero of the story must be of some sort of royalty, so that they can suffer from their conflict. A tragic hero more than likely has a certain problem or conflict that he has to face. The conflict could be either self-inflicted or created by nature. In the tragedy Hamlet, Hamlet’s conflict was cause by his own emotions and flaws. “Hamlet does have a tragic flaw, for being the principal character in a tragedy, written within the template of a classical tragedy, Hamlet was expected to share this trait with all other noble, tragic characters.” (Tatu, 126). Hamlet had a fundamental weakness that he couldn’t overcome until the end of the story.
Hamlet was responsible for his own downfall. He felt like he was obligated to defend his father when finding out the truth behind his death. He often doubted
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He tries to beat around the bush with his revenge, portraying how weak he really is. For example, he was going to kill Claudius after his play, but as he saw him praying he decided not to. "Now might I do it pat, now he is praying; And now I'll do't. And so he goes to heaven; " (3.3, 77-78). The request of his father was abnormal to him. He had to actually think about what was suppose to be done, somewhat postponing the request. He constantly thought about his reputation and how he was viewed by the people. He even went out of his way to make his friends overlook his actions. "Never make known what you have seen to-night." (1.5, 144)
Hamlet was an extremely diverse character. His thought process was like no other, making him stand out. He stood his ground in defending his father. Even though he is the cause of his own death, he gave an exhilarating fight. Although he ultimately lost himself throughout the entire play, he soon realizes his fate at the
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