Examples Of Tragic Hero In The Crucible

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Proctor a Tragic Hero?

We have been reading The Crucible which seems to fit the description of a tragedy because of its characters and the situations they faced. First off the definition of a tragedy is when a heroic character either dies or has an unhappy ending. Also the heroic character usually starts off at a position of high stature, but because of some reason or tragic flaw he/she loses everything. This play seems to have all these characteristics and many more. The Crucible took place in a small town called Salem. This small society went through a terrible time in history called the Salem Witch Trials. In these trials good men and women were persecuted and some even faced death for doing nothing wrong. These trials took people of great character and stature and deemed them to be witches which stripped them of everything their name meant and owned. This madness continued until nineteen people had been hung and one man crushed to death. But in the end people learnt a valuable lesson about how impressionable people can be and how telling the truth can sometimes hurt you. These things show that the play The Crucible is truly a tragedy due to the people of great wealth of power and respect lose everything and have a not so pretty end. One of the most important characters and arguably the heroic character in the book was a farmer named John Proctor. John proctor was good man who attended church regularly and always spoke his mind and believed in his self-image. But like
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