Examples Of Tragic Hero In The Crucible

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Darian Fernandez
Mrs. Keane
English 3, Per 2
26 October 2015
A Righteous Man and a Tragic Hero
The definition of a tragic hero is one who harnesses a very high stature in their community but also carries a fatal flaw that could hurt them during their lifetime. In the play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, we as readers we are able to look back into time and discover the nonsense of witchcraft and witness the delirium that devours the community of Salem, Massachusetts. Many young girls accuse multiple amounts of citizens in the community. Abigail Williams is the biggest accuser of these young women. Every character in the play exhibit flaws which lead to their devastating endings. A man name John Proctor is a key character in the play because he is the man who takes on the role of a tragic hero, he is a righteous and courageous man, whose life ends in pride and honor even though he was disgraced in front of the whole town.
John Proctor does not hold a position of loyalty in the community of Salem, he is a man who demonstrates that he has an overflow of positive traits which are in account for the characteristics for a tragic hero. John has a sophisticated idea and is able to discern the evil nature of those who persecute others and abuse their authority. He begins to develop a resentment towards Reverend Parris. Proctor tells Rebecca Nurse after admitting that he would like to join the clique that is plotting against Reverend Parris, Proctor strives to seek the truth within
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