Essay On Dead Poets Society

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I go to Michigan every summer and it is always different parts of Michigan but never the city. The country part is beautiful and I didn’t really appreciate it until my cousin and I rode around in his Jeep late at night. We drove until you couldn’t go any further on the road and then turned off the Jeep. In silence, we looked up and looked at the beautifully lit stars since there was no pollution. When I see respect for nature, I am the one respecting it. I see the greatest part of life which is the peace and quiet. I enjoy every minute of being outside with fresh air and not being on technology. In Dead Poets’ Society, respect for nature is when they had their Dead Poets’ Society meetings in the cave sort of thing on the property of the school.…show more content…
Neil decides he wants to make a change in society when he tries out for the play. Most parents of students who attend Welton Academy would not approve of their child wanting to become an actor. Him trying out showed other students at Welton Academy and lots of other places that it is okay to believe in what you want and try what you want to try. Everyone who was tried to make a change did not always make a huge impact but it definitely impacted some students. Neil wanting to become and actor and follow his dream influenced others to follow their dreams or make a stand of some sort. Not everyone can become doctors or anything else that their parents want them to be, they need to try and do what they feel is right to do for themselves and how they want to live. If they don’t do things that they later on wish they did, they will regret part of their life and will not be satisfied with what they accomplished before they die. The last trait of Transcendentalism is shown by Neil with respect for nature. When Neil wanted to start up the Dead Poets’ Society meetings again, he wanted to do it somewhere where they wouldn’t get caught but still on school property so they decided to have it in the cave. To get there, he has to go through fields. Before he commits suicide, he opens his bedroom window and just takes it all in. He stands there with his eyes closed and just soaks in all the good part about
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