Effective Leadership Style: What´s Transformational Leader?

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Transformational Leadership

Leadership is ability to inspire and maintain among the people who are needed to achieve organizational goal (Dubrin, 2007). Leaders ensure the position of organizational functions is aligned with external environment and then direct their followers towards it (Zaccaro & klimoski, 2001). Effective leaders plan the strategies and predict the future probabilities (Haider & Riaz, 2010). They can lead organizations to success by giving more attention to environmental changes, which in turn helps to set objectives and goals. One of the elements of leadership that contributes to leadership effectiveness is the style of the leader. Transformational leadership has been confirmed as an effective leadership style in leading
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Transformational leaders encourage follower to go beyond their own interest, do more than it’s required and attain the unexpected goals. They are proactive by nature and focuses on social values and always there in time of stress and change (B.M B. , 1999) (B.M B. , 1985). They are models of integrity and don’t deal with biasness, set clear goals, have high expectations, provide support and recognition, blend the emotions and passions of (Pierce & Newstorm, 2008) (B.M B. , 1985)). Transformational leadership is comprised of five elements which are idealized influence (attribute and behavior), inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. Idealized influence defines the degree in which leaders are observed as an inspiring role model. Idealized influence consists of two forms; idealized influence attribute in which leaders receive respect and…show more content…
But the issue is mainly the connection between these two forms of leadership at this level(B.M B. , 1985)) argued that both the forms are equally essential for any executive and is complementing to each other. The same has been viewed by Trice and Beyer (1993) that as per situation the mode of leadership changes. There are several research available that shows connection between the two modes of leadership(Bycio, Hackett, & Allen, 1995). As in organizational change and making others to accept it confidence, vision, and goal oriented passion is required in the leader. (Podsakoff, MacKenzie, Moorman, & Fetter, 1990), therefore it is considered that transformational leadership capability in the CEO and other top managers showed positive results and overall organizational

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