Examples Of Transnational Crime

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TRANSNATIONAL CRIME Transnational crimes are crimes that have actual or potential effect across national borders and crimes that are intrastate but offend fundamental values of the international community. Transnational crimes also include crimes that take place in one country, but their consequences significantly affect another country and transit countries may also be involved. Examples of transnational crimes include: human trafficking, people smuggling and smuggling/trafficking of goods (such as arms trafficking and drug trade). It is a serious global concern that has the potential to seriously endanger the stability and security of nations as well as threaten international peace. Therefore, the fight against transnational organized crime…show more content…
Malaysia is also working together with other country, such as China, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam, to exchange more information and intelligence to tackle these crimes. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Cooperation in Preventing and Combating Transnational Crime was signed to usher the bilateral security relations between the two nations, to a new height and widen the scope of…show more content…
In the coming decade, it is expected that biological weapons eventually will be used in a terrorist attack (National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats, 2009). Biological weapons have the potential to kill far greater numbers, and are also far harder to detect or protect against. In addition to ranging from non-lethal to lethal, a biological weapon can also be non-contagious or contagious. A contagious weapon could even kill people who were not in the original target zone, since the germs could spread to other areas. Bioterrorism can produce fear, disease, disabilities, death, social disruption and severe economic loss to the country. Therefore, nations must enhance their biodefense responsiveness and determine useful systems and strategies for countering an act of bioterrorism or a natural outbreak of

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