Ocean Trash Research Paper

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Trash, Trash, Everywhere!
Text By: Ashley Atkinson Edited By: Hannah Hunter and Jesse Lewis The life of your plastic water bottle can go way further than just the trash can. Our ocean is so polluted by our actions and carelessness that even us humans are being affected, sea animals, and surrounding animals are all being greatly influenced by the polluted waters. Our ocean is extremely polluted with plastics and other trash that humans have put in there. Specifically, 80% of the pollution that’s in the ocean, is because of us. According to “The Oceans Are Drowning in Plastic - And No One is Paying Attention,” Jenna Jambeck said that if something is not done, the plastic in the ocean will double by 2025. 19 billion pounds of trash get dumped into the ocean each year! But out of all that garbage, plastic is the number one trash that is found in the ocean. Humans, we might not realize it, but, from our horrible actions, we have infected our waters with tons of trash. Most people may think, “It’s the ocean, it’s not my problem, it’s nothing to worry about,” but little do they know that it is something to
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Then all the sudden you find all the coral and sea plants living on sea floor covered in trash and plastic, and then you see all the fish scavenging for food because the plastic has contaminated their normal food. The fish eat the plastic thinking it some type of new food and can choke cause that plastic isn’t suppose to be eaten. Also, other sea creatures are getting their legs, arms, or heads stuck in those plastic bottle holders. The death in sea animals is a horrible thing that’s happening when we don’t even know it. Yes, animals will die because of the circle of life, but dying because it choked or starved to death is a big thumbs down! If the ocean weren’t as polluted, the death of sea animals wouldn’t be as high and we could live happy knowing we aren’t unintentionally killing sea
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