Examples Of Trauma In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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Trauma in Morrison’s Beloved Toni Morrison’s Beloved is a Pulitzer award winning novel that is inspired by real and documented historical accounts. The book is inspired by the life and experiences of a fugitive slave, Margaret Garner who chose to murder one of her children instead of returning her to slavery. On close reading of Beloved, a reader may question why an African American author would choose to focus her writing on the extreme violence that occurred in a Black family instead of focusing on the oppression and aggression they were subjected to by their white counterparts. While the author uses the novel to unveil the experiences the African Americans went through while they lived in the bondage of slavery, the author communicates a far greater message of the experiences the African Americans went through during the time he narrates. In the novel, the author tells of the psychological effects of slavery at not only the individual level but also the community as well and showing that they have far greater consequences that physical suffering. Through the experiences and accounts of the characters in the novel the author explains how African Americans lost their humanity and how they attempted to come together to dealt trauma in their struggle to reclaim their selfhood. This paper sets out to discuss how Morrison employs the trauma theory and how the characters in his novel try to work through personal or collective trauma. The contents and the plot of the Morison’s
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