Examples Of Tribulation In Catcher In The Rye

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In the novel The Cather In The Rye, J.D Salinger implies that Holden a troubled adolescent can’t seem to find his place in society due to the loss of his brother Allie. Losing Allie made Holden give up on school, caused him to pick up unhealthy habits like smoking, and led him to be upset at the world. Since the death of Allie, Holden began to see the world as hopeless and corrupt. Salinger develops this idea from a first person point of view. With the use of diction, J.D Salinger is able to portray Holden Caulfield as a troubled teen who is facing tribulations after the death of his brother. As adolescents we tend to face tribulations which change our outlook on life. These tribulations which are caused by the loss of close relatives or friends tend to leave an unforgettable mark within us. Adolescents who go through this grieving process lose trust in people or may see the society as an unfair place. While reading the novel The Cather In The Rye, we meet Holden Caulfield who…show more content…
Her mind was wandering all over the place”. By watching the behaviors of these people, Holden was able to gain an understanding of maturity. In the first few chapters of the novel, Holden mentioned that he lost his brother to leukemia but he didn’t give a character description of Allie for a reader to better understand the type of impacted Allie had on Holden’s adolescent years. Later on in the novel while completing an assignment for Stradlater, Holden began to talk more about Allie. Holden described Allie as a humble and overachieving person who all his teachers admired. He even mentions “Old Allie’s baseball mitt” which he happened to be carrying with him in his suitcase. The baseball mitt is the only thing Holden seems to care for and cherish in this
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