Examples Of Trickery In Much Ado About Nothing

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Hero express that you must manipulate someone's love life no matter the consequences when she explains, “some cupids kill with arrows, some with traps” (3.2.112). You must use trickery, to reveal their true feelings for the other person. In Much Ado About Nothing trickery and deception are central themes in the play. At least, every character in this play have been a victim of trickery or deception. This comes to show that manipulation can reveal the true feelings and thoughts about one another. In the beginning of Much Ado About Nothing Benedick and Beatrice are strong-willed people who fear falling in love will lead to heartbreak. This cause them to deny their affections towards each other. This then causes the other characters to interfere in their love life. Another, example of manipulation is when Hero and Claudio's love for each other is torn apart by the deviousness of Don John's actions For Instance, Claudio, Don Pedro, and Leonato plan to trick…show more content…
Moreover, Claudio's quickness on believing that Broachio, who claims to be Hero’s supposed lover, comes to show that he is unworthy of her. On their wedding he publicly shamed her by stating, “Give not this rotten orange to your friend…Behold how like a maid she blushes here” (4.1.32-34). This then causes Leonato to fake Hero’s “death” so that Claudio can grieve her memory and admit that he was wrong on publicly bashing her. Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing revolves around the manipulation and deceptions. Benedict and Beatrice are deceived for their own good. Claudio is tricked into thinking that Hero isn't as innocent as she claims to be, just for the amusement of a villainous character. Have Hero not deceived Claudio, she wouldn't of never won him back. Thus, comes to show that deception was used to lead to the live and romance of each
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