Examples Of Trope In 1984

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The trope of a controlling government overreaching its bounds and establishing clear laws defining a person’s freedoms. Many novels and films have the whole population following rules that for ethical reasons should not be in place, rules that tell someone how he or she should handle a personal aspect of his or her life. Aspects that are considered the extremely personal such as who a person is allowed to be in a relationship with, or what career path a person should take, and even how much sex a person is allowed to have. In 1984 (a book by George Orwell) the main characters tell us how his ex-wife never really had sex with him and he tells us that she would cringe when touched and would only have sex once in a while to try to have children because she saw it as her duty and the government required that of her. It is later explained that girls are taught early on that sex is sinful and should only be done with the intention of creating more followers for big brother. In Rays Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 the government has made reading books illegal and books are destroyed on sight, anyone caught with a book was punished severally and by doing the government took away the people’s right to learn and forced them to be ignorant. Vonnegut uses this troop in a similar way that George Orwell did, in “welcome…show more content…
The message of sexual desires in human nature could communicated in a different way maybe just as effective, but the message would be different. The government forced the society to not feel pleasure in sex, in order for the message to stay somewhat unchanged there would have to be another force that forced society to not have sex as long as the choice was not voluntary the message would be similar. Having the government be the force that makes sex unpleasurable makes the work that of man’s baser urges vs man’s perspective of
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