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Abstract: TPACK is a framework for the learning process in which educators combine Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge to deliver the learning experience. Therefore, TPACK can be defined as a complex interaction between the technology, pedagogy and content. TPACK expresses the overlap between these factors in a two-dimensional space, placing TPACK at the centre. Educators can place their teaching episode within this space and ask, if I place my delivery at this point is it the best point in the TPACK space? Secondly educators may ask how can the best point within the space be determined? The CPT model proposes an attempt to address these questions by recasting TPACK as a three-dimensional pseudo-vector space allowing expected outcomes…show more content…
TPACK can be redefined as; the pedagogical dimensions that use the new technologies in constructive methods to deliver subject content in a manner that offers the learners a new understanding of the world around them. Basically the combination of these three factors technology, pedagogy and content knowledge have formed and shaped the TPACK model to be considered as the most important element in the learning process, the TPACK in the learning process can lead to success or failure process or outcomes, it depends on both the student and the teacher, everyone has his own role for it to be successful, the students have to improve their skills in the ICT as a receiver, their social communications and his critical thinking to be able to deal with the pedagogy dimension can be used inside the classroom, and regarding the teacher has to develop his skills in the ICT as well but as a sender, has to have a deep understanding for the pedagogy dimensions and to have a strong back ground about the taught subject therefore TPACK does not mean that the teacher has to deal with each element of (T, P, and C) separately but it means in simple words that the teacher has to create the pot where he needs to place these elements together for the complex interaction amongst them to take place which can be considered later as the integration between the technology and the

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