Examples Of Ugliness In The Book Thief

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Death states that he sees the ugliness and beauty in people which can refer to many different characters throughout the movie The Book Thief. Many characters change with the events that are going on in Germany, especially their levels of ugliness and beauty.There are many different characters in which we see the ugliness and beauty which goes to high extents. The first example of a character who has both ugliness and beauty in him is Hans Hubermann. Hans had a lot of ugliness in this story. One of his ugly traits is that is fearful to rebel. In the beginning of the movie when everyone kept on throwing books in the fire, he stood with them because he was to afraid to rebel against the Nazis. Though he may have had some ugly traits, Hans definitely had some beauty. Hans is very trustworthy as shown in the movie as he takes Max in and treats him because of a promise he made a long time ago. He helps Max recover and keeps him safe when the Nazis tried to search…show more content…
Liesel had one main reason to be ugly as she was a thief as she stole books from the mayor's library without his permission. He also tried to steal Max’s book a couple of times in the beginning of the movie. But Liesel also has a beautiful side as she is very curious and motivated to learn. Liesel wanted to read books and valued them as if they were priceless. She was interested in learning and reading which helped her improve her knowledge. Liesel definitely had both an ugly and beautiful side which contributed to her lifestyle. Many characters in the movie The Book Thief have both traits of ugliness and beauty. We see that these traits can sometimes go to a high extent from their actions and what they do. Characters like Hans, Max, and Liesel are examples of these they all do something to solidify their ugliness and beauty. We see characters go to the maximum extent of ugliness and beauty in this movie and they all have the similar

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