Examples Of Uncontrolled Passion In Hamlet

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Passion is like a nutrient that can be exploded in the human body waiting to be absorbed in order to fuel up one’s emotions exponentially to fulfill their extreme cravings. Just like a missile filling up with gunpowder to fuel their energy in order to strike their target. After all of the energy is consumed, the emptiness inside can be filled with accomplishment or chaos. To clarify, passion is a heightened emotion that can create disasters if it is not controlled by reason. For instance, an uncontrolled passion which led to disaster is described in the play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. However, the way reason led to disaster is also expressed in the play. Both ways led the characters in the play to their tragic endings. Nonetheless, uncontrolled passion led to disaster because it is described in the play by the characters, Ophelia, Laertes,…show more content…
Although uncontrolled passion led the characters to their disaster, reason is also valued by the characters in the play. For example, Horatio is portrayed as calm and level headed by Hamlet. This scene happens after Hamlet talks “alone” with Ophelia preceding with Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” soliloquy, which was overheard by King Claudius and Polonius because they wanted to find the reason to why Hamlet is going crazy. Horatio is described to have the trait of reason when Hamlet says, “And blessed are those/Whose blood and judgment are so well commingled,/That they are not a pipe for Fortune’s finger/To sound what stop she please. Give me that man/That is not passion’s slave, and I will wear him/In my heart’s core…”(3, 2, 72-78) This quote shows how Hamlet values Horatio’s trait of having a good proportion of reason and emotion in his judgments. Furthermore, Horatio is a

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