Examples Of Understanding Social Media

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Understanding social media
Media refers to the plethora of means used to communicate and disseminate information from one person to the other. The exchange of social information and ideas is done through social media. Unlike other media instruments such as newspaper or radio which can only be used to receive information , social media gives the receiver the opportunity to communicate his own ideas and views, thus acting as a two way street. In other words social media refers to all those internet based applications that allow the exchange of user generated content. Given the tremendous amount of globalization and world-wide interconnectedness, social media is growing leaps and bounds. The growth rate of social media can be gauged from the fact that 72% of internet users are active on social media. Social networking sites like Facebook and twitter have over 1.1 billion users worldwide.
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Breach of privacy, harassment, threat of violence, fraud, revenge porn, stalking etc. are some of the crimes committed through social media. The recent instances of apple I-cloud data leak show the amount of damage that can be done through data theft and
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